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EXAM REGISTRATION WITHDRAWAL AND REFUND POLICY: You must give a written notice of your intention to withdraw from any exam two weeks (14 days) before the registration deadline. A refund of the subject fees (less 25% of the total paid being deducted as an administrative fee) will be issued after the end of the examination within a period of 30 days. It is your responsibility to understand the financial implications of withdrawal. Please ask for clarification from the office if needed.

VISA, STUDY ABROAD FEE REFUND POLICY: If you withdraw your application, the application processing fee is non-refundable and not transferable. Your application processing fee starts counting from the moment you made the payment.

TEXTBOOK AND LECTURE REFUND POLICY: There is no refund on all payments for purchase of textbooks and lectures/training.

NOTE: EETT will not provide refunds of money paid into a third-party bank account aside from the official company accounts stated on the official website.