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How Do I Study In Cyprus-Study In Cyprus From Nigeria

How Do I Study In Cyprus-Study In Cyprus From Nigeria

How Do I Study In Cyprus-Study In Cyprus From Nigeria

How Do I Study In Cyprus-Study In Cyprus From Nigeria. Cyprus is an Island country in Eastern Mediterranean located in South Turkey with capital city known as Nicosia. Geographically, it is located in Asia and politically in the European country with Greek and Turkish as it’s official language. Cyprus is rated as one of the toured and visited countries in the world. It is good for tourism with beautiful landscape and has wonderful climate and beaches. Studying in Cyprus is an extraordinary experience because of its safe environment with attractive weather and captivating natural beauty. Cypriots are globally known for their hospitable and friendly nature. Cyprus is known for its commitment to excellence and the government of the republic of Cyprus invests strongly in the education sector. Cyprus universities mostly offers subject field related to hospitality, business and tourism amongst others.

Studying in a country like Cyprus has some numerous benefit aside it being known for Quality education and certification being recognised globally by employers. The higher education sector offers programs ranging from Undergraduate, Master, Doctoral and Postgraduate courses. It offers a flexible educational system which doesn’t give room for pass or fail rather it offers special testing system, research essays, group projects are used which gives you option for academic success. Academic intake period is during autumn and spring semester. Cyprus has an effective higher education system which emphasises on learning and international employability of its graduates. Study is done in English language. To study as an International student, a study visa is required. It is advisable to apply to the Cyprus embassies 2 to 3 months before course starts with the necessary document. Most Cyprus university requires proof of English competency like IELTS and TOEFL but Excellence Education Travels and Tours can get you admission without writing any English Test. Bear it in mind that we offer the best IELTS and TOEFL registration and tutorial in Lagos Nigeria in case you wish to write the exams. We prepare our students excellently before their scheduled exam dates. With our trained expert teachers to help tutor you and leave you with no choice of coming out in flying colours. You can visit our website www.excellencetravels.com or any of our offices for more information.

Key Benefits of Studying in Cyprus.

  • Multiple-discipline accredited degrees: You enjoy the benefit of dual degree programs accredited by UK and USA partnering universities.
  • Affordable tuition fees: Studying in Cyprus is eco-friendly because universities in Cyprus offers low and affordable tuition fee depending on your course of study.
  • Scholarships and funding opportunities with student aid services: Cyprus government funded scholarship usually covers 10% to 20% of fees available for international student who has an outstanding academic performance.
  • Work and Study: Internship, placement and employment opportunities is available for you as an international student in Cyprus, EU countries and the global marketplace.
  • Affordable living cost: The cost of living for international student is budget friendly compare to other European countries. You spend between 400-700 Euro monthly. The feeding and taxi charge is super fair. Non-EU student enjoy an unprecedented mobility opportunity.
  • Learn a new language: You have the luxury to learn a second language (Greek and Turkish).

Undergraduate study in Cyprus

Cyprus higher education undergraduate degree program runs for 3-4 years depending on the course. Courses like Pharmacy, Medicine may require additional year or more. It offers degree courses ranging from subjects including Humanities, Science, Engineering and technology, Business, Mathematics, Medicine, Law and Social sciences.The Degree courses fees depends on where and the course one is studying. Study cost for undergraduate program is below 3500 Euro yearly except courses of study like Pharmacy which is about 7500 Euro or less. Undergraduate study requires majorly high school leaving certificate. Some programmes may require additional requirements like;

  • Matriculation examination certificate.
  • General Certificates of Secondary Education (GCSE).
  • SAT (Optional)
  • International passport.
  • Proof of English.
  • Full transcript for transfer student.

Master study in Cyprus

Master’s Programme in Cyprus mostly runs for 2 years. It offers both full time and part time programme. Master’s study in Cyprus is between the range of 2000- 3000 Euro which is dependent on the course of study which makes Master study program lower than most UK institutions. Based on the course, Master’s student expects roughly between 6000-11000 Euro yearly. It requires undergraduate degree for Master’s degree and documents of diplomas received. Also official transcript from your university is required as well as English proficiency test if available or needed.

Doctoral study in Cyprus

Doctoral study is within the duration of three years. The cost of tuition is likely expensive based on the course of study. PhD requires a valid Master’s degree for doctoral study. Area of study include Economics and Management, Engineering, Health sciences, Humanities, Law, Pure and Applied Science, Education and Social Science etc.


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