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Low Tuition University In Europe-Study In Low Tuition University In Europe

Low Tuition University In Europe-Study In Low Tuition University In Europe

Low Tuition University In Europe-Study In Low Tuition University In Europe

Low Tuition University In Europe-Study In Low Tuition University In Europe. Considering the present condition of Nigerian educational system and quality, I really do not blame young Nigerians who are seeking to acquire a better or perhaps the best quality education the world has to offer, in order to enable them secure a brighter future for themselves and their unborn generations. However, many of these young people often make the mistake of selecting a viable and conducive study destination. It is not uncommon to hear some students bitterly lament about the living or educational experience they had in their previous study destinations. Excellence education travels and tours limited is committed to ensuring that Nigerians do not make such life costly error. This is why we have taken our time to research and select not only the best study destinations, but also the most affordable ones in Europe.

Obtain degree and master degree certificates in Europe at a lowest cost, European Higher Education Area (EHEA) ensures that educational systems across European countries are viable and comfortable for students – both local and international – who wish to study and work. Featuring on our list of Q&A (Quality and Affordable) are one of the most popular study destinations in Europe. Some universities in these countries recently adjust their foreign educational policies to make it possible for more international students who have once found themselves in a disadvantage category, apply for both graduate and undergraduate programmes. Some of these countries include Poland, Italy, Spain, France, and Turkey.

Let us begin with affordable tuition.

For undergraduate programmes:

In Italy, one can now study for as low as €2000 annually. While in Spain and Poland, undergraduate programmes start from €2000 to €3000 per year. The cost is a bit higher in turkey, where the tuition fee ranges from $2000 to $4000 per year.

For postgraduate programmes:

For less than $2,000, you can obtain a master degree in countries like Spain, Poland, and Italy. But in turkey, postgraduate programme goes for $2,500.

Now, let’s talk about some reforms in application requirements.

Previously, some third class and HND candidates found themselves at the disadvantage edge of admission application policies, likewise those who combined WAEC results. If you find yourself in the above stated categories, we are more than happy to inform you that you don’t need to acquire any more certificate before you can become eligible to apply for either undergraduate or master programme.

Those with two sittings in either WAEC or NECO can now apply to study in Poland, Turkey, and Spain. Same goes for Italy, but with an exception for NECO, as its requirement only recognises WAEC.

As for third class and HND holders, they can apply for postgraduate studies in Poland and Turkey. Same goes for France, courses like Business Management, Accounting, and Business Studies can be studied directly in the country with third class and HND. Unfortunately, Spain and Italy are yet to start considering those in that category for postgraduate programmes.

Do not hesitate to contact us sooner. Do not wait any further, as the policies could have tightened up, making it difficult for you to enjoy these policies.

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