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SAT Digital Exam In Nigeria/SAT Center Near Me-SAT Date & Cost Nigeria Center Near Me

SAT Registration Center In Lagos/SAT And TOEFL Center Near Me

SAT Registration Center In Lagos/SAT And TOEFL Center Near Me

SAT Registration Center In Lagos/SAT And TOEFL Center Near Me. SAT Test is known and well recognized across the globe but only accepted in the Unites State, since its establishment in 1926, it is a compulsory written Test to gain admission for an undergraduate’s programs in a university only in the United States and outside her region. The full meaning of SAT is Scholastic Aptitude Test and the exam body has changed it to SAT digital for Nigerian students.


It is governed, owned, and controlled by the College Board in the United States. This is the body in charge of questions, and responsible for every other development and affairs.


SAT testing is officially held seven times a year:  March, May, June. August, October, November, December,

The new Digital SAT score ranges from (400-1600).


It is the general test to undertake when applying to some Universities in the United States and few other countries that require it for admission. The exam is all about testing your critical thinking and skills. The exam is categorized into three sections and it takes three hours.

  1. The Reading Test- 52 questions(65minutes)
  2. The Writing Test and language Test – 44 multiple questions (35 minutes)
  3. The Math Test (Non- calculator section) 58 questions (80 minutes)


SAT II are subject specific test, takes an hour. The exam is it covers some subjects. Some Universities in the United States do not require International Student to take SAT II. You choose the test best subject of your interest to show your ability and potentials. SAT II showcase the level of interest you have.


On all questions there’s no penalty for assumption, if you are not sure of the answer it is better to guess than to leave the answer blank. Some of the math questions ask you to put down the answer rather than select.

High performance in SAT test is usually rewarded NOTE not in cash but Scholarship opportunities which varies based on the score, in other words the higher the score the higher the chances of scholarship percentage. This indicates high level of discipline in studying.


Any one taking the test in Nigeria must poses a valid International Passport or National Identification Number (NIN) and are advised to come along with it on the exam date, also with their printed admission ticket so as to enable them write the exam.


In Nigeria, Excellence Education Travels and Tours is charged with the responsibility to register student for SAT Registration Center In Lagos/SAT And TOEFL Center Near Me in Nigeria and Abroad, preparing student in training them for the exam and also giving out proper academic guidance. Our registration team for SAT digital registration center in Lagos Nigeria is top notch.

Excellence Education Travels and Tours is well recognized for her distinction. Registering with us is all you need to guarantee your success. Our Tutors are always available to guide you you’re your fortune result, minimum eight weeks of training is required for the test. In line with this, students are to get the SAT textbook in preparation for the test.

However, you must be aware that SAT registration deadlines are approximately 7 weeks before each test date, ensure you register before the test date. We can get you register for the SAT exam in Nigeria anywhere in the country namely: Lagos, Abuja, Portharcout, Jos, Ogun,Kaduna,Kano,Enugu,Owerri,Aba,Warri,Benin,Osun,Kwara,and Ibadan. You can as we search for how can I register for SAT and our page will pup up.


At Excellence Education Travels and Tour, we assess our student performances, based on their backgrounds, and their knowledge. We asses our student based on weekly report on their performance and written test.

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