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Study In Vietnam With 100% Scholarship-Study In Vietnam From Nigeria

Study In Vietnam With 100% Scholarship-Study In Vietnam From Nigeria

Study In Vietnam With 100% Scholarship-Study In Vietnam From Nigeria

Study In Vietnam With 100% Scholarship-Study In Vietnam From Nigeria. Vietnam (the Socialist Republic of Vietnam) is one of the most dynamic emerging countries in Southeast Asia region. The country is bordered by China to the north, Laos to the northwest, Cambodia to the southwest and the sea to the east and southeast.


Price water house Coopers, in 2008, predicted that Vietnam may be the fastest-growing of the world’s emerging economies by 2025, with a potential growth rate of almost 10% per annum in real dollar terms. According to a December 2005 forecast by Goldman Sachs, the Vietnamese economy will become the world’s 21st-largest by 2025, with an estimated nominal GDP of $436 billion and a nominal GDP per capita of $4,357. Manufacturing, information technology and high-tech industries now form a large and fast-growing part of the national economy. The country is currently the third-largest oil producer in Southeast Asia. The HSBC also predicted that Vietnam’s total GDP would surpass those of Norway, Singapore and Portugal by 2050. Tourism has contributed significantly to Vietnam’s economic growth with 7.94 million foreign visitors are recorded in 2015, and 12.9 million visitors in 2017, an increase of 29.1% over the previous year, making Vietnam one of the fastest growing tourist destination in recent years.

Cost of living

Vietnam is a fairly cheap destination for traveling, studying, and living compared to most other countries in Asia. It is also filled with friendly people, affordable accommodation, cheap, healthy cuisine, and stunning landscapes that make the country a standout choice among other Indochina study abroad destinations. Vietnam is also a fast-moving country with a high speed of internationalization and numbers of prospective educational and career opportunities, thanks to its recent economic growth.

Education In Vietnam

In the past few years, Vietnam has become an ideal budget destination for international students due to different reasons such as international-standard education, cheap living cost and more incentive policies like scholarships for foreigners. Vietnam has an extensive state-controlled network of schools, colleges, and universities and a growing number of privately run and partially privatised institutions. Most universities are located in major cities of Hanoi (the state capital) and Ho Chi Minh City (the most populous city as well as the economic hub of the country). School enrollment in Vietnam is among the highest in the world, and the number of colleges and universities increased dramatically in the 2000s from 178 in 2000 to 299 in 2005. In higher education, the government provide subsidised loans for students. Since 1995, enrollment in higher education has grown tenfold to over 2.2 million with 84,000 lecturers and 419 institutions of higher education. A number of foreign universities operate private campuses in Vietnam, including Harvard University and Australian Royal Melbourne Institute of Technology.

With the recent scholarship awards for international students doled out by some universities in the country, Vietnam has witnessed tremendous number of interests by students from other countries, at least compared to other south eastern Asian countries.  Apply through us and be guaranteed 75% to 100% scholarship opportunity to study in Vietnam.

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